30 L.A. writers choose L.A.’s best literary places

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APRIL 14, 2022 6 AM PT


When you think of the most “literary” places in Los Angeles and/or Orange County, what streets or neighborhoods come to mind? We put that question to several Southern California writers, along with these follow-up questions: What places in the city have most inspired you? Where do you encounter other writers, to share ideas or just socialize? Where do you like to hang out with your writer friends or just get work done? Here are their answers about how the place they live shapes their work.


Daniel Olivas

Best literary places: For two decades, Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural has been the literary heart of Sylmar. The community has been badly underserved throughout the years, but this wonderful bookstore and cultural center has been part of the community for almost a generation.

Olivas’ books include “How to Date a Flying Mexican” and “The King of Lighting Fixtures."

Daniel A. Olivas
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