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We are here to support local and up-and-coming authors and artisans. We can offer consignment on books, zines, art, jewelry, and other handmade items upon approval. We have an application process that will outline what is required.


For book/product consignment please complete the following APPLICATION.


If you have other specific questions, please email our bookstore manager at


What is Consignment?
Consignment is the process through which a business or entity receives the product you would like to sell and sells it on your behalf to customers for a percentage of the price.

What is your Consignment rate?
Tia Chucha’s (TC) consignment rate is 30/70% (30% of sales for TC & 70% of sales for consignee), and 20/80% for self-published items (20% of sales for TC & 80% sales for consignee). 10/90% in support of organizations or causes.

How long does it take to receive an approval?
It may take up to two months depending on volume.

Do I have to submit a copy of my book for review?
Yes, we ask that you email an electronic copy or mail us a copy or advance copy for review.

What if I don’t want my product posted and available on your online bookstore?
You may opt-out of our online bookstore at the time of signing your agreement.

Do you do wholesale purchases?
Yes, however, it does depend on the popularity of the product, the wholesale price, and if it is something we can offer at that time. After your initial consignment period, we can evaluate this.

I am interested in hosting an author event?

Please complete the Literary Event Request Form