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Special Orders

If you are looking for a particular book and we do not carry it, we can special order the book(s) for you. Typically it will take 4-10 business days after the order has been processed to fulfill. Special orders must be paid upfront for the order to be processed. Our team will confirm any specific details as needed based on your request/inquiry.


To request a quote for a special order please email our bookstore manager at and include the following:


  • Your name:
  • Phone number:
  • Book title, author(s), ISBN, quantity: (include this information for all books you are inquiring about)
  • If you would like the order shipped or you will pick up. If you would like the order shipped please include your shipping address.
  • And  if applicable the date you need the order fulfilled by:



Why do I need to pay up front for a special order?

Payment is required for us to process the order as we will be ordering the book just for you.


Can I pay online?

Yes, we are able to email you an invoice that can be paid online.


Can I pay with a check or cash?

Yes, we accept checks or cash as well.


What is considered a special order?

Any book or other merchandise that we do not regularly carry, but we can order for you.


When will my special order be ready?

Typically 4-10 business days. If we believe it may take longer than that we will let you know in advance when you request a quote.


Mailing to Prisons and other Institutions

If you are an individual, institution, or organization attempting to ship out books from our bookstore to a prison(s), we are here to help! We are able to mail to various institutions including most prisons. There may be some restrictions given the sensitive nature of this process, so please review our FAQs if you are unsure. 



What is permitted 


Can I pay online?

Yes, you can place an order through our online bookstore. We just need the complete mailing address and the person's complete information including an ID number or cell number if applicable. You can incorporate these details in the “special instructions for seller” box on the checkout page. 


What payment method do you accept?

Online orders: we accept debit, credit, Paypal, Shop Pay, and Facebook Pay. If you’d like to pay w/ a check, please email our bookstore manager, and make sure your order contains more than 10 items.


In person: we accept debit, credit, Apple Pay, cash, and checks are also only accepted for orders w/ more than 10 items. 


What if I don’t see the book I’d like to ship out available on your online bookstore?

Please refer to our Special Orders tab for more information on ordering books that aren’t in our current selection of titles.


How long does it take to fulfill an order shipped out to a prison?

As long as the title is in stock on our end, typically 3-7 business days. If we believe it may take longer than that we will let you know in advance when you request a quote. The shipping timeline cannot be guaranteed due to the strict protocols that come w/ shipping to prisons and their screening process.