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Coming Home In Viet Nam

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Poems by Edward Tick

Seeking the most powerful healing practices to address the invisible wounds of war, Dr. Ed Tick has led journeys to Viet Nam for veterans, survivors, activists and pilgrims for the past twenty years. This moving and revelatory collection documents the people, places and experiences on these journeys. It illuminates the soul-searching and healing that occurs when Vietnamese women and children and veterans of every faction of the “American War” gather together to share storytelling and ritual, grieving, reconciliation and atonement. These poems reveal war’s aftermath for Vietnamese and Americans alike and their return to peace, healing and belonging in the very land torn by war’s horrors. 

Edward Tick Bio: Poet, psychotherapist, international activist and journey leader, Ed Tick, PhD is honored for his forty years of pioneering work healing the invisible wounds of war and violent trauma. Co-founder of Soldier’s Heart, Inc. and subject matter expert on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Moral Injury for the U.S. Military, he is author of four nonfiction books including the groundbreaking War and the Soul and Warrior’s Return as well as two previous books of poetry. Nationally and internationally, Ed guides war survivors to achieve healing, meaning, reconciliation and friendship. His work is devoted to healing from millenniums of collective trauma and restoring soul and spirit in our modern world. 

Ed Tick has devoted his life to listening and healing, with a particular call to the plight of veterans. His many books have reclaimed what it means to be a healer in the modern world. After decades of healing journeys to Viet Nam, this major poetry collection speaks to the braid of courage and compassion that waits in each of us. Journey with this wise healer and it will heal something deep in you.
--Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening and More Together Than Alone

“A soulful masterpiece, where the essence of a war-torn nation is expressed through the rhythm and cadence of poetry. Written from the heart through the multiple lenses of the traumatized.  A writing for the ages ….. “

--Andrew Orion Marks, B Msc, author & director of The Wyla Center for Wellness Newcastle, Australia 

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Coming Home In Viet Nam
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