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Tia Chucha Press

Tia Chucha Press

Tia Chucha Press is one of the country’s leading small cross-cultural presses, focused on socially engaged poetry and literature that matters that began in 1989 with the publication of Luis J. Rodriguez’s first book, “Poems Across the Pavement.”

In 1991, TCP became the publishing wing of the nonprofit Guild Complex Literary Arts Center in Chicago, run by Michael Warr and co-founded in 1989 by a collective of artists, writers, and activists, including Luis J. Rodriguez.

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The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States (SECOND PRINT 2020)
In the Courtyard of the Moon: Selected Poems
Good Morning Aztlán
Good Morning Aztlán Sale price$21.95 USD
Cipota under the Moon
Cipota under the Moon Sale price$19.95 USD
Save $6.95Coiled Serpent - Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles
Mucha Muchacha, Too Much Girl
Mucha Muchacha, Too Much Girl Sale price$16.95 USD
Unfinished Portrait
Unfinished Portrait Sale price$14.95 USD
The Stranger You Are: Art by Gronk
Coming Home In Viet Nam
Coming Home In Viet Nam Sale price$19.95 USD
Show Me the BellsShow Me the Bells
Show Me the Bells Sale price$19.95 USD
A South Side Girl’s Guide to Love & Sex
From Trouble to Triumph
From Trouble to Triumph Sale price$19.95 USD
Save $15.00Coiled Serpent & The Republic of East LA BundleCoiled Serpent & The Republic of East LA Bundle
Coiled Serpent & The Republic of East LA Bundle Sale price$30.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD
Sold outLove's Instruments
Love's Instruments Sale price$10.95 USD
Desire Zoo
Desire Zoo Sale price$16.95 USD
Sold outAscension
Ascension Sale price$14.95 USD
Rise Sale price$11.95 USD
4-Headed Woman
4-Headed Woman Sale price$14.95 USD
Heart's Migration
Heart's Migration Sale price$14.95 USD
Looking For A Soft Place To Land
Sold outHonor Comes Hard: Writings from California Prison System's Honor Yard Paperback
How Fire Is A Story, Waiting
How Fire Is A Story, Waiting Sale price$15.00 USD
My Sweet Unconditional
My Sweet Unconditional Sale price$13.95 USD
The Armageddon of Funk
The Armageddon of Funk Sale price$15.95 USD
Crossing With The Light
Crossing With The Light Sale price$6.95 USD
Sold outRooftop Piper
Rooftop Piper Sale price$2.95 USD
Bless the Ashes
Bless the Ashes Sale price$16.95 USD
Body of Life
Body of Life Sale price$14.95 USD
The Shallow End of Sleep
The Shallow End of Sleep Sale price$15.95 USD
The Flood
The Flood Sale price$15.95 USD
Exquisite Politics
Exquisite Politics Sale price$10.95 USD
Life According to Motown
Life According to Motown Sale price$15.95 USD
Raised by Humans
Raised by Humans Sale price$16.95 USD
The Loves of Ricardo
The Loves of Ricardo Sale priceFrom $12.95 USD
You Come Singing
You Come Singing Sale price$10.95 USD
Double Tongues
Double Tongues Sale price$7.95 USD
Sold outPain Killer
Pain Killer Sale price$15.95 USD
El Grupo McDonald's
El Grupo McDonald's Sale price$10.95 USD
Dreams In Soy Sauce
Dreams In Soy Sauce Sale price$6.95 USD
Singing The Bones Together
Singing The Bones Together Sale price$4.95 USD
What Yellow Sounds Like
What Yellow Sounds Like Sale price$13.95 USD
Schoolyard of Broken Dreams
Schoolyard of Broken Dreams Sale price$7.95 USD
Sold outArmadillo Charm
Armadillo Charm Sale price$10.95 USD
Shards of Light/Astillas de luz
Shards of Light/Astillas de luz Sale price$12.95 USD
Femme du Monde
Femme du Monde Sale price$13.95 USD
Leaving Gary
Leaving Gary Sale price$10.95 USD
The Mean Days
The Mean Days Sale price$11.95 USD
Frozen Accident
Frozen Accident Sale price$14.00 USD